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No. 3 ~ Favorite Films of 1993

#3 ~ Jurrasic Park


I know, the plot is predictable, the acting, for the exception of Sam Neil, was not the best, but the cinematography and special effects were the best that film had ever seen to that point. The first scene where they are in the open field and all of a sudden you see these huge dinosaurs, it actually was awesome, especially in the theater.  Based on Michael Creighton’s book of the same name, this sci-fi adventure had it all. Drama, a little bit of romance, warm-hearted story, of course adventure and above all, yes I will say it again, special effects!  A lot of them. Directed by Steven Spielberg, it won three Oscars, of course for special effects, sound editing and sound mixing. But for 1993, this was the film to beat in the box office, and for years to come.  Plus a huge dinosaur chasing Jeff Goldblum was worth going to see!

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The Worst of 1960 ~ #8 – The Time Machine

I love time travel movies, “Somewhere in Time” with Christopher Reeve is one of my favorites, and what can beat the “Back to the Future” trilogy. as far as the ” Time Machine” I actually liked this movie as well, at least when I was younger. Now that I watch it again I think to myself…there could have been so much more to this movie.


Some reviewers say that the beginning was slow and got better as the movie progressed. I think the opposite.  The first half of the movie was good and exciting, and I so wish George (played by Rod Taylor in his first leading role) would have ventured out into 1914 and 1940 a little further. However he went into the future of 1966 and experienced a nuclear explosion. 1966? really. Not real imaginative if you ask me. Why not visit more happy times, instead of war and destruction at each stop along the way? And what of the future? The Eloi look far too 60′s with their makeup and hairdos, and the Morlocks, looks like just what they are… men in blue skin suits, with white hair and bug eyes.

Rod Taylor was just okay in this film, and thank goodness his acting skills and choice of roles grew for the better in the years that follow. The film did receive an Oscar for time-lapse photographic effects showing the world changing rapidly, which I must say for when this film was made were very good effects.  I must add here that the remake of this film in 2005, with Guy Pearce was better, but still not what it could have been.  H.G. Wells wrote a far better story than either of these films portrayed it.

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Children of Men ~ 2006

What could have been, and should have been an outstanding piece of film making, this film left me cold and void after watching it.  Not because of the plot and story line of the film but of the poor acting by some of the best Hollywood has to offer.  Julianne Moore, was totally unfeeling and unemotional in this film.  It was as though she was forcing herself to act in this film.  Clive Owen was totally unbelievable and again it was though he was forcing his lines and really did not want to be where he was.  Thank goodness Michael Caine was excellent in this film, as always, or it would have been a total loss.

The plot and storyline was well written, the screenplay, could have had more depth to it, and the subplots were almost meaningless. The cinematographer was better than most, but still not par excellence as it should have been. 

This film was heralded as the film to beat for Best Picture of the year, unfortunately it did not live up to it’s hype and wasn’t even nominated. A very big disappointment.  D

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The Cave ~ 2005

A sci-fi / horror film, this film which was actually filmed inside a cave in many of it’s sequences, was a poor film and should have stayed in the cave.  Poor in the performances, direction and the really bad plot and storyline.  Of the three films that were released in 2005 with the same premeise (Undgerground explorers being attacked by sub-terranean creatures) this one was by far the worst. Not that any of them were actually any good, mind you.

Fortunately for these actors, Daniel Day-Kim, Cole Hauger and Piper Perabo they were able to go on to bigger and better avenues, but unffortuantely for this film it will become one of those DVD’s you can buy at Wal-Mart for $5.00 or less.  Actually I think that is exactly where I bought and paid for this movie… D-

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The Butterfly Effect ~ 2004

This movie freaked me out, much like Donnie Darko did.  The premise of this film is, if you could change something about your life what else would it change?  Something we all wish we could do, change something we did, or the outcome of something that happened in our lives.  But after seeing this film, I’ve decided I have no regrets, and if I could change something I wouldn’t!  Starring Ashton Kutcher (his best role ever) this movie shows a young man just how different his life could have been if he had done one little thing differently, but sometimes the results could be worse than he ever expected.

If you like sci-fi films, or even if you don’t you should watch this film, it will make you thankful for the way your life has turned out.  Fate is nothing to mess with. B+


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Blade Trilogy ~ 1998-2001-2004

As a fan of vampire films, I have to include the Blade Trilogy in my movie library. Blade came out in 1998 with little fanfare, but did well at the box office with Wesley Snipes in the title role of the “Daywalker”. Blade II released in 2001, was I feel the best of the three, co-starring Kris Kristopherson.  In the third film, the FBI and the Vampire world are out to catch Blade, and he teams up with Jessica Beil as his mentors daughter to fight the fight and a buff Ryan Reynolds.

These films are full of action, dark and wonderfully captured on film.  The acting is somewhat poor, except for Snipes who has his charecter down pat by the third film.

As far as Vampire movies go, I give them a total review score of C-

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12 Monkeys ~ 1995

twelve_monkeysmp.jpgIn a weird, chaotic way, this film truly shows the depth of Brad Pitt’s acting abilities.  I feel due to his “pretty boy” image in Hollywood he is not taken a seriously as he should be. (His current role as Jesse James in The Assassination of Jesse James as a prime example).  Bruce Willis travels back in forth in time and once again shows his “Die Hard” character in several different settings.

Sci-Fi, thriller, drama call it what you will, when I first saw this film I was pulled in.  It is fast paced, un-nerving and quite good.  Watching it again today, it still brings chills even though I know how it ends.  Directed by the former Monty Python star, Terry Gilliam it makes me look forward to his latest directing stint in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, which unfortunately lost Heath Ledger as one of it’s stars last week. B-

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