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No. 7 ~ Favorite Films of 1993

#7 – Mrs. Doubtfire


Being a young teen growing up in the 1970’s I remember Robin Williams’ beginnings, as Mork from Ork.  I thought to myself then, “this guy is an amazing actor, with so much energy, where did they find this guy!?”  I never realized just where Robin Williams would wind up, which is a major superstar.  Mrs. Doubtfire is one of my favorite Robin Williams movies, and it also has my other childhood favorite actress, Sally Field.  This film was just fun, and it touched me as I was going through a divorce qat the time and facing the realization that I would not be with my children every day any more.

Williams pulled off the Mrs. Doubtfire, in an amazing way, he transformed himself on screen to make you the audience think that his kids, ex wife and everyone around really thought he was this “Nanny” One of my favorite scenes was were Robin had to meet Mrs. Sellner played by the incomprable Anne Haney. This film has become a classic, and continues to entertain.

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No. 10 ~ Favorite Films of 1993

#10 Hocus Pocus


What a movie!!  I absolutely love this film, from little Thora Birch to Sarah Jessica Parker and of course Bette, no not Davis, the other Bette, Bette Midler. Suprisingly this film shows up on a lot of favorites for 1993, because it’s just that…entertaining.  No, the acting is not spectacular, nor is the cinematography but it is entertaining.  Plus it is a Halloween movie that you can watch with the entire family, unlike many other Halloween movies that you have to turn off when kids walk into the room. I remember watching this with my kids when they were young and they loved it.  It was funny, and scary (at least for a four year old) and I have to say Bette Midler was a hoot!!  Sarah Jessica Parker was the pretty witch! However i still can not figure out why the witch played by Kathy Nijimy spoke out of the corner of her mouth.

And just for fun…look at Thora Birch today…


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The Worst of 1960 ~ #7 – North to Alaska

MPW-47015John Wayne, Stewart Granger and Capucine. These three stars alone should have made this film, however they were the only reason this film made it. I am not a western fan, it has to be really good (like Unforgiven, or any of the Clint Eastwood westerns) for me to enjoy a western. This is a western comedy that is overlong, corny and a really bad script. And then you have Fabian, (a teen idol of the day) added into the cast to get the younger audience, who was way out of his league.

It was a good-natured adventure story  that has Wayne in his typical macho-man role, who teams up well with his fellow macho man Granger. These two genuinely seem to like each other and there is good chemistry between them and they almost make this film like-able. But it just wasn’t enough. and unfortunate there was Ernie Kovacs, a comic genius in his own right, who wasn’t a bit funny in this film.

The only thing good I can say about this film is it’s song, song by Johnny Horton.


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The Worst of 1960 ~ #9 – Who Was That Lady?


Tony Curtis had one of his best roles in 1960, but it wasn’t for this film, it was for Spartacus. Janet Leigh also was in an amazing film and gave an amazing performance in 1960, but that was in Psycho. Who Was That Lady? should have been named “who were those people?” Tony and Janet were married in real life when they filmed this picture of a husband (Curtis) who gets caught cheating by his wife (Leigh) and she wants a divorce. So this husband, to save his marriage calls upon his friend (played by Dean Martin…relly who would call Dean Martin to help save a marriage??) to help get him out of this situation and they convince the wife that Curtis’ character is an FBI operative. It sounds funny, right? No not really. So much was wrong with this film, but mostly it just wasn’t funny, and that is not a good thing for a comedy.

First of all it never bothers to adequately introduce the characters but just plunges us into an implausible situation with unbelievable, unsympathetic characters which cause the entrie file to become tedious and somewhat infuriating.  Could Tony curtis play an assistant professor of chemistry? Probably yes. Could one believe they were married? Sure.  But would Janet Leigh believe such a farce? Not likely.  There lies the problem, nothing in this film, the performances or even the writing could make it believeable…or funny. not to mention this film was very sexist.

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Favorite Films of the Year – 1960 ~ # 4 – The Apartment

Nominated 10 times and winner of five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay (co-written by Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond), Best B/W Art Direction/Set Decoration, and Best Film Editing, Billy Wilder’s The Apartment has been said to be his best work.
The story of an up and coming young men played by Jack Lemmon, who secretly lends out his apartment to other company executives for adulterous sexual affairs and liaisons. This is fine until he realizes that the young elevator girl, played by Shirley MacLaine, whom he has feelings for is being taken for trysts by his married boss (Fred MacMurray) to his apartment.
This movie was a glimpse at what had happened to corporate America during the 1960’s when a lowly but ambitious accountant prostitutes his own standards and moral integrity and allows himself to be exploited just so that he can get ahead. Powerful and engaging performances by Lemmon, MacLaine and Fred MacMurray (one of the omitted of 1960) as well as Ray Walston and Edie Adams.
I found The Apartment, funny and entertaining, even if somewhat out-dated. I just love Shirley MacLaine in it, gives a glimpse of what she had yet to offer Hollywood.
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Cheaper By The Dozen ~ 2003

A remake of the 1950 classic with Clifton Webb and Myrna Loy of the same name, this film bears no resemblance at all to that classic film or the novel written by Frank B. Gilbreath Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreath Carey.  But it still is a good wholesome family film for the new millennium.

Steve Martin plays the father of 12 children with his wife, played by Bonnie Hunt.  He finally realizes his dream, to coach his alma mater football team, at the same time his wife gets a publishing deal.  12 kids, tow parents, new town, new jobs, new schools…chaos.

A rare comedy for the 2000’s that shows wholesome fun and the emotional side to being a parent, and a kid for that matter.  Steve Martin is perfect as the father and Bonnie Hunt plays very well next to him.  Their children, the oldest played by Piper Perabo, Tom Welling and Hillary Duff are pretty good, but seem a little old.  Piper’s boyfriend, played by Ashton Kutcher is an added distraction that the film really didn’t need.

All in all a delightful film that I have no problem watching over and over again. B

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Cats & Dogs ~ 2001

Unbeknown to humans a war has been waging for centuries between cats and dogs. This secret war between cats and dogs quickly peaks as a scientist (Jeff Goldblum) tries to create a serum to cure dog allergies in humans. As the unsuspecting humans go through their busy lives, the cats make several attempts to possess the formula, as their canine foes try tirelessly to stop them. Caught in the crossfire, a young beagle named Lou, adopted by the Brody family, tries hard to succeed as a secret agent, and in being a friend to the young Scotty Brody. A evil snow white cat named Mr. Tinkles is planning to make every person on Earth allergic to dogs so that he can take over the world with his army of evil cats.

A cute film, and one that was enjoyed to the tune of $95 million in the US, and more than $200 million worldwide ($107 million internationally) in its initial release.  Not a film of dramatic expertise, but fun nonetheless.  It certainly will make you look at your pets differently. D+

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