Fav Actors of 1993

15 Feb

1993 was a great year for movies, and men in the movies. When you look at 1993 and the awards shows that year, not many of the actresses really stand out, but the men really shine. Some of the best actors that have ever graced the screen were in great films in 1993. Some are here, and some did not make my list, but these are the performances that I remember.

Actors 19931. Tom Hanks- Philadelphia: His role as the attorney fighting AIDS and his employer, the largest law firm in Philadelphia is by far the best performance in 1993, that is why he won the best actor Oscar.

2. Johnny Depp – Benny & Joon and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?: No one can play those eccentric characters the way Johnny can, and he continues to this day.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio-What’s Eating Gilbert Grape: Amazing star even when he first started making films, this performance was one of his best.

4. Daniel Day-Lewis- In the Name of the Father; There is a reason why he has become the greatest actor of our generation and maybe of all time, and this film is one of those reasons.

5. Pete Postlewaite- In the Name of the Father: His role as Daniel Day-Lewis father is short of amazing.

6. Tommy Lee Jones- The Fugitive; Tommy Lee finally received his just rewards in 1993 when he walked away with an Oscar for Supporting Actor with his portrayal of the man who was called upon to catch Harrison Ford’s fugitive.

7. Robert DeNiro- This Boys Life- Opposite Leonardo in this film, Robert as always never disappoints.

8. Harrison Ford- The Fugitive; Stellar performance that even David Janseen would be proud of.

9. Denzel Washington-Philadelphia: As Tom Hanks leery attorney, Denzel showed Hollywood his versatility and his abilities.

10. Ralph Fiennes- Schindler’s List; yes, Liam Nisson was the hero of this film as Schindler, but ralph was his antagonist, and was superb.

Maybe you agreed with these choices, maybe not, but those are my favorite actors and favorite roles in 1993.  What were yours?

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