No. 7 ~ Favorite Films of 1993

24 Jan

#7 – Mrs. Doubtfire


Being a young teen growing up in the 1970’s I remember Robin Williams’ beginnings, as Mork from Ork.  I thought to myself then, “this guy is an amazing actor, with so much energy, where did they find this guy!?”  I never realized just where Robin Williams would wind up, which is a major superstar.  Mrs. Doubtfire is one of my favorite Robin Williams movies, and it also has my other childhood favorite actress, Sally Field.  This film was just fun, and it touched me as I was going through a divorce qat the time and facing the realization that I would not be with my children every day any more.

Williams pulled off the Mrs. Doubtfire, in an amazing way, he transformed himself on screen to make you the audience think that his kids, ex wife and everyone around really thought he was this “Nanny” One of my favorite scenes was were Robin had to meet Mrs. Sellner played by the incomprable Anne Haney. This film has become a classic, and continues to entertain.

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