Top 10 Favorite Female Performances of All Time ~ No. 4

15 Jan

No. 4 ~ KATHARINE HEPBURN in “The African Queen” (Rose Sayer)


No, this was not one of her four Oscar winning performances, although nominated, that went to Vivien Leigh in A Streetcar Named Desire, but in 1951, Miss Hepburn was revitilizing her career and with this performace it catapulted her to an iconic level, as the refined middle-aged spinster, a persona the public embraced. This was the first film I ever watched with Hepburn and I was enthralled with her performance. Many say this perfromance was the heart of her legacy. She never overplays her role and it is almost as if she is Rose Sayer, which is what acting is supposed to be. There is a reason she holds the record for the number of Oscar wins and why she is known as the greatest actress of all time. She would go on to win three Oscars, 1967, 1968 and 1981 to add to her first Oscar in Morning Glory. This performance is my favorite of Miss Hepburn.


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