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22 Dec

I watched a lot of movies in 2012, however most were older movies, movies I had seen before, and movies I watched to review…so I didn’t see too many new releases this year.  To be honest there were not that many that really looked all that good, well until October when the good stuff started coming out. So here are a list of movies ( in the order best to worst) that were released in 2012 that I  actually got to see…


Lincoln- By far the best movie I saw this year, and pretty close to being the best movie I have saw in the past five years, or at least since The Departed, There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men. Daniel Day-Lewis should get his third Oscar for this role. Sally Field was amazing as always, Tommy Lee Jones was superb, and James Spader was my favorite. Not to mention the cinematography and directing and the score. Best movie of the year, and should win the Oscar.


Prometheus – As most know that read this blog, Sci-Fi is not one of my most favorite genre of films, but this film was one of the best sci-fi films since Avatar. Ridley Scott amazes me every time I see one of his films. It was dark, yet had moments of lightness. It was exciting from the beginning to end. Most of the acting was top notch, and the cinematography and special effects were right on spot. This is a sci-fi film I would watch again and again.


Hunger Games – The acting was excellent and the story was great (not as good as the books, but adapted well) This movie kept me poised on the edge of my seat, even though I knew how it was going to end, or lead into the next film. Great movie, well worth the ticket price and the time spent in the theater.


The Avengers- I actually have already seen this film twice. Once in the theaters and then when it came out on DVD. An exciting, fun and even funny film. I love Robert Downey Jr., and even though Scarlett Johanssen and Jeremy Renner’s parts were small and did not get much film time they took advantage of thier roles. I along with thousands of others enjoyed this film, as it is now the third highest grossing film (according to WikiPedia) of all time with well over 1.5 billion in sales


Dark Shadows- Johnny Depp…what can be said about him that hasn’t already been said, and why hasn’t this man won an Oscar yet?  I loved this film. Being a fan of the old TV show, I was delighted in the big screen adaptation and hope they have more to come. Funny, quirky, delightful and perfectly cast with Helena Bonham Carter and Michelle Pfieffer.


Snow White and the Huntsman–  I quite enjoyed this film. I am not a Kristen Stewart fan, and really do not think this role is suited for her, but it was passable. As for Charlize Theron, she was remarkable as the evil queen and pulled off the role with expertise, but then when does she play a bad role? An enjoyable film, worth seeing again.


Pitch Perfect– Loved it, Loved it, Loved it. Funny and predictable, but I rolled laughing in some parts and the music was pretty good too.


Wrath of Titans– This film was ok, not as good as the first in the series (but much better than the original)


John Carter– An unexpected surprise. Some reviewers did not like this film, but I personally enjoyed it and thought it was well put together and great cinematography.


The Amazing Spider-Man– Disappointed is the word comes to mind. I like the Toby Macguire film much better. This Spiderman was darker, (as Spider-man should be) but just wasn’t into this one as well. Again, Sally Field was awesome!


Magic Mike– I went to this film for one reason only…Channing Tatum and was pleasantly surprised Matthew McConaghey. Matthew seemed to be the only one acting in this film though, the others were just eye candy, but Matthew’s role was actually Oscar caliber in my opinion. Not a cineamatic masterpiece, but was it really meant to be?


Ted– Funny? Yeah, at times. Distasteful? Quite so. Vulgar? Most definitely. Even though seeing a Teddy Bear…well doing it was somewhat uncomfortable, this film had it’s moments. Mark Wahlburg pulled it off though, just wish he would have been a little more revealing than that damn Teddy Bear!


Sparkle – Not as good as the original, but still a good film. I had forgotten just how good of an actress Whiteny Hueston could be. She was good in this film. Jordan Sparks can sing, but act? Not so much, but Carmen Ejogo who played Sister was the best in the film. She was excellent.


American Reunion– Same plot 10 years later, very predictable, somewhat funny, but it actually was fun to see some of the actors and how they have aged. Some are better actors, some have not changed in looks or their acting abilities, but overall a decent film.


Joyful Noise– Dolly Parton is just too sweet not to like. She is corny, and seems to play a somewhat similar version of her charecter in Steel Magnolias. Queen Latifah was just okay, again she seems to play the same charecter in most of her films. Was this a joyful noise? Yeah, but it could have used a little more music and a little less bad acting.


Rock of Ages– Sad. This film was hyped and hyped and totally missed the hype. Tom Cruise was totally unbelieveable and the entire film lacked. Was not impressed and actually fell asleep while watching this movie.

Those are the films released in 2012 that i have seen.  There are others I am still wanting to see, such as Argo, Les Mis, Django Unchained, The Dark Knight Rises and Zero Dark Thirty to name a few…see you at the theaters!!

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