Favorite Christmas Movies #10 to #6

19 Dec

Christmas for me is a time for memories. I remember my Christmases as a child vividly and fondly. Going to my grandparents on Christmas Eve, with all my aunts and cousins. Time seem simple and slower back then. It is also a time for movies, and there are so many Christmas movies that come to mind. The TV moives like Charlie Brown’s Christmas, or How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and of course Rudolph.  Then there are the Christmas films, the ones that ring in our hearts and minds year after year. Those movies that entertwine with our Christmas memories.  Here are the first five of my top 10 favorite Christmas movies…


#10 -Polar Express~ This a newer film that soon will become a classic. Directed by Robert Zemekis and starring the voices of Tom Hanks, Michael Jeter, and Peter Scolari. A young boy goes on adventure of a lifetime and is forever changed and doubts removed.


#9- Elf – Will Farrell is not one of my favorite actors, however I liked this film, but who really made this film for me was Zooey Deschanel.  It’s kind of like the adult version of misfit toys, and Will Farrell being the misfit.


#8- Bells of St. Mary’s ~ Produced and directed by Leo McCarey and starring Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman. This has become a classic Christmas film, mainly due to the scenes regarding the Christmas pageant. The film is about a priest and a nun who, despite their good-natured rivalry, try to save their school from being shut down. The character of Father O’Malley had been previously portrayed by Crosby in the 1944 film Going My Way, for which Crosby had won the Academy Award for Best Actor.


#7-National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation ~ Fun Fun Fun, that’s what this movie is about. There is a bit of Clark Griswold in all of us, and all of our families can relate to the Griswold family, that is why it is so funny, because there is so much truth in it!


#6- Miracle on 34th Street– For years after seeing this film, I really thought Edmund Gwen was really Santa. One of the best of it’s time. Starring Natalie Wood, Maureen O’Hara and Edmund Gwen. When a nice old man who claims to be Santa Claus is institutionalized as insane, a young lawyer decides to defend him by arguing in court that he is the real thing. Who knows, maybe he is?

Come back tomorrow and see my top 5 favorite Christmas movies!!

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