The Worst of 1960 ~ #4 – 13 Ghosts

15 Dec


The original release of the movie 13 Ghosts included something called ILLUSION-O. ILLUSION-O was a gimmick that had the movie goers holding colored lens ‘viewers’ up to their eyes whenever the characters in the movie put on their ghost goggles. This was so the audience could see the ghosts in color. At the end of the movie the audience was told “Tonight, when you’re alone and your room is in darkness, look through the red part of the Viewer – IF YOU DARE!

13 Ghosts is a movie about an eccentric man who dies and leaves his estate (including a haunted mansion and a hidden treasure) to his nephew and nephew’s family.  So far, it’s good, but that’s were the good ends. It has all the creepy music and scary visuals that viewers expect, but you can see strings on skeletons and spiders!! The special effects were poor to say the least.

The film starred Martin Milner (TV’s “Adam-12”) and Margaret Hamilton (the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz). Margaret hamilton was fairly good, and a young Martin Milner was nice to look at. Other than that this film lacked any real scare.

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