1960 Academy Awards

15 Dec

The 33rd Annual Academy Awards has been dubbed the Year of Omissions by many Oscar and Film buffs. Throughout 1960, many powerful performances and films would become classics but not even nominated at Award time. One of the biggest snubs in the Best Picture History was the exclusion of the classic Hitchcock thriller “Psycho”, not only was it not nominated for Best Picture, (yet, the Alamo was) but Hitchcock lost as Best Director to Billy Wilder’s work in The Apartment. Janet Leigh who was nominated for a Supporting Award for her work in Psycho was overlooked and the award went to Shirley Jones, who was superb, but who remembers any scenes from her role as opposed to the famous “Shower Scene”? Anthony Perkins was not even considered for his powerful portrayal of Norman Bates in Psycho. And who is Chill Wills?? This is just a few of the omissions in this Oscar Race. I will be looking at the films and the stars that were nominated for the Oscars in 1960.

Nominees for 1960 are;

Best Picture:
The Apartment; The Alamo; Elmer Gantry; Suns & Lovers and The Sundowners

Best Director Nominees:
Billy Wilder; Jack Cardiff; Jules Dassin; Alfred Hitchcock; Fred Zinnemann

Best Actor Nominees:
Burt Lancaster; Trevor Howard; Jack Lemmon; Lawrence Olivier; Spencer Tracy

Best Actress Nominees:
Elizabeth Taylor; Greer Garson; Deborah Kerr; Shirley MacLaine; Melina Mercouri

Supporting Actors:
Peter Ustinov; Peter Falk; Jack Kruschen; Sal Mineo; Chill Wills

Supporting Actresses:
Shirley Jones; Glynnis Johns; Shirley Knight; Janet Leigh; Mary Ure

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