The Worst of 1960 ~ #5 – 5 Branded Women

14 Dec


Produced by Dino De Laurentiss, it is an Italian/American production filmed on location in Austria.  The cast includes both Italian and American actors, lead by Van Heflin and the beautiful Silvana Mangano and Barbara Bel Geddes (who would later been known on TV as Miss Ellie Ewing, on Dallas).   In a small Nazi occupied Yugoslavian village, one German Sargeant spends most of his time getting laid by as many local girls as he can.  Some of the women are willing participants while others have to be intimidated. He convinces one woman that unless she has sex with him her brother will be taken away. Five women, who are believed to have gave “comfort” to the enemy, have their hair cut very short to mark them as traitors and are sent out of town to fend for themselves.

The story continues as these women become soldiers with a group of guerrilla fighters.  It soon becomes slow and boring, and any action mostly involves sexual encounters. It’s like a soap opera instead of a war film. It is also shot in black and white, which many dramas in the 1960’s would be, but this film could have benefited from being done in color, just due to the locale it was filmed. Van Heflin gave one of his worse performances, and the rest of the cast were pretty unforgettable.

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