The Worst of 1960 ~ #7 – North to Alaska

12 Dec

MPW-47015John Wayne, Stewart Granger and Capucine. These three stars alone should have made this film, however they were the only reason this film made it. I am not a western fan, it has to be really good (like Unforgiven, or any of the Clint Eastwood westerns) for me to enjoy a western. This is a western comedy that is overlong, corny and a really bad script. And then you have Fabian, (a teen idol of the day) added into the cast to get the younger audience, who was way out of his league.

It was a good-natured adventure story  that has Wayne in his typical macho-man role, who teams up well with his fellow macho man Granger. These two genuinely seem to like each other and there is good chemistry between them and they almost make this film like-able. But it just wasn’t enough. and unfortunate there was Ernie Kovacs, a comic genius in his own right, who wasn’t a bit funny in this film.

The only thing good I can say about this film is it’s song, song by Johnny Horton.


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