The Worst of 1960 ~ #8 – The Time Machine

11 Dec

I love time travel movies, “Somewhere in Time” with Christopher Reeve is one of my favorites, and what can beat the “Back to the Future” trilogy. as far as the ” Time Machine” I actually liked this movie as well, at least when I was younger. Now that I watch it again I think to myself…there could have been so much more to this movie.


Some reviewers say that the beginning was slow and got better as the movie progressed. I think the opposite.  The first half of the movie was good and exciting, and I so wish George (played by Rod Taylor in his first leading role) would have ventured out into 1914 and 1940 a little further. However he went into the future of 1966 and experienced a nuclear explosion. 1966? really. Not real imaginative if you ask me. Why not visit more happy times, instead of war and destruction at each stop along the way? And what of the future? The Eloi look far too 60′s with their makeup and hairdos, and the Morlocks, looks like just what they are… men in blue skin suits, with white hair and bug eyes.

Rod Taylor was just okay in this film, and thank goodness his acting skills and choice of roles grew for the better in the years that follow. The film did receive an Oscar for time-lapse photographic effects showing the world changing rapidly, which I must say for when this film was made were very good effects.  I must add here that the remake of this film in 2005, with Guy Pearce was better, but still not what it could have been.  H.G. Wells wrote a far better story than either of these films portrayed it.

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