The Worst of 1960 ~ #9 – Who Was That Lady?

10 Dec


Tony Curtis had one of his best roles in 1960, but it wasn’t for this film, it was for Spartacus. Janet Leigh also was in an amazing film and gave an amazing performance in 1960, but that was in Psycho. Who Was That Lady? should have been named “who were those people?” Tony and Janet were married in real life when they filmed this picture of a husband (Curtis) who gets caught cheating by his wife (Leigh) and she wants a divorce. So this husband, to save his marriage calls upon his friend (played by Dean Martin…relly who would call Dean Martin to help save a marriage??) to help get him out of this situation and they convince the wife that Curtis’ character is an FBI operative. It sounds funny, right? No not really. So much was wrong with this film, but mostly it just wasn’t funny, and that is not a good thing for a comedy.

First of all it never bothers to adequately introduce the characters but just plunges us into an implausible situation with unbelievable, unsympathetic characters which cause the entrie file to become tedious and somewhat infuriating.  Could Tony curtis play an assistant professor of chemistry? Probably yes. Could one believe they were married? Sure.  But would Janet Leigh believe such a farce? Not likely.  There lies the problem, nothing in this film, the performances or even the writing could make it believeable…or funny. not to mention this film was very sexist.

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