Charlie’s Angels ~ 2000 / Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle ~ 2003

20 Apr

Personally I preferred the second film in this reamke of the famous TV show of the same name.  Both films were action packed and full of the same corny storylines that made the 70’s TV show enduring.

I absolutely love Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore, they are both outstanding in these two films, as always.  Not a big fan of Cameron Diaz (highly over-rated as an actress) I think someone else could have done a much better believeable job in the role of Natalie.  Bill Murray was exceptional as Bosley, but unfortunately was replaced in the second one by Bernie Mac, as Jimmy Bosley.  His humour grew on me and by the end of the film I had forgotten that Bill Murray had played the role in the first film.

If you like slapstick humore, and great moves by beautiful female detectives then you should love both these films, but to really enjoy either of these movies, go buy the TV show series on DVD, now that was some good TV! C

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Posted by on April 20, 2008 in 2000, 2003, Action, Adventure


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