Brokeback Mountain ~ 2005

01 Apr

Before you curse me and take away my gay badge, hear me out. I know, a gay man not listing Brokeback Mountain, the biggest gay themed movie to ever penetrate American film, as number 1 for 2005, could be considered a cardinal sin. But it just wasn’t as good as Crash. Well not in my opinion anyway.

I just could never believe from his performance that Jake Gyllenhaal’s Jack Twist really loved Ennis. I don’t know what it was, but he just couldn’t make me believe it. He was tremendous in the film, just not believable. Heath Ledger on the other hand did make me believe, and his performance was heart wrenching and should have received the Oscar nomination that he did. The real star of this film was not Jake or Heath but Michelle Williams. I truly believed her character and felt her pain and emotion. She was riveting and should have won the Oscar for that role.

Now Ang Lee on the other hand, he was extraordinary. He is one of the best directors that ever sat behind a camera. His work in this film was phenomenal. The cinematography was the finest I’ve ever seen and the raw emotion he was able to get out of his actors was stupendous. Was it a good film? No it was a great film and one that will become a classic. The best of the year? Not quite. A

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