Boys Don’t Cry ~ 1999

25 Mar

Directed by Kimberly Pierce and starring the Academy Award winning performance by Hillary Swank, Boys Don’t Cry is the film adaptation of the true story of a young girl by the name of Teena Brandon, who was transgendered and lives her life, or tries to live her live as a young boy, Brandon Teena.

An emotional and powerful film, Boys Don’t Cry delves into the world of this young woman trying to find out who she is and what life i all about.  Along the way she falls in love with a young girl, played by expertly by Chloe Sevigny, and together they try to begin their journey, but when it’s found out that Brandon is really a girl, their lives are destroyed by those that refuse to understand.

A powerful and moving film, when I saw this for the first time in the theater, I walked out speechless.  It took at least three minutes for me to regain my snenses and realize I was out of the theater.  Hillary Swank’s performance in this film, was by far one of the best of the decade. A+

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Posted by on March 25, 2008 in 1999, Drama


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