Big ~ 1988

24 Jan

movie-big.jpgPenny Marshall went from being Laverne on TV’s, Laverne & Shirley to one of the biggest names in directing during the 1980’s and 90’s.  Steven Speilberg’s sister Anne was a co-writer for this screenplay.  Add in Tom Hanks, and David Moscow, who played the young Tom Hanks and you have one great movie.

The premise of being older or switching bodies with an older person was big during the 1980’s (Vice Versa; 18 Again) but BIG by far was the best of this genre of film.  Tom Hanks is masterful in this film, keeping his naivete of a twelve year old while being in an adult body.  David Moscow, who has grown into quite a good actor in his own right, was perfectly cast and was able to bring that special something to this film.  Elizabeth Perkins is always good, and she did not disappoint as the love interest who finds out that her “boyfriend” is really a 12 year old in a 30 something year old body.  Add in Robert Loggia and John Heard and the rest of the ensemble cast and you have created a film classic.

This film continues to be good even if you watch it today, 20 years later.  Thanks to the gifted talents of Penny Marshall and Tom Hanks.  A

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