There Will Be Blood ~ 2007

15 Jan

therewillbeblood.jpgAt the turn of the 20th century, Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) is a poor prospector who finally strikes it rich when he finds oil. Based on the Upton Sinclair novel “OIL” the cinematography and score in this film is spectacular.  Daniel Day-Lewis is also spectacular and once again amazing, as the poor prospector who makes it rich, but finds out money does not make your troubles disapear.  He brings to the screen a simple yet voilatle persona that will surely garner him accolades and awards.  The film however, I felt was slow at times and even though the storyline was based mostly on the relationship between Plainview and his “adopted” son, it failed to show a complete story of their relationship.  There were several brutal scenes that kept you wanting to watch, but overall I felt the film lacked completeness.  I left feeling I only knew half the story. B-

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