Bedazzled ~ 2000

15 Sep

bedazzled.jpgBefuddled, is what I thought when I first saw this film. The 1967 original, starring Dudley Moore and Peter Cook and directed by Stanley Donen was a droll dark comedy that bombed when it was first released to theatres but has developed a very strong cult following over the years. This 2000 version, directed by Harold Ramis is not so much a remake as a latter-day re-imagining of the story. Harold Ramis directs this 2000 version and does a fairly good job.

Brendan Fraser is great in 7, yes 7 different roles. But Elizabeth Hurley, I really did not like her. I never have. She just seemed out of place in this film, look much too old to play against Fraser.

The film moved fast, and the jokes, were funny, but they moved way too fast as well. I prefer this film over the 1967 version, but this one left me a little befuddled. But then it is a comedy. C

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Posted by on September 15, 2007 in 2000, Comedy


One response to “Bedazzled ~ 2000

  1. withoutname

    December 6, 2007 at 9:09 pm

    I just watched this on TV the other day. I agree, Elizabeth Hurley was annoying -but HOT – in this one. Frasier was hilarious, especially as the drug lord and the NBA star. “You just got to give 110%”


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