*batteries not included ~ 1987

10 Sep


I love this film.  It’s corny and full of sappy storylines, but it is also heartwarming and a delightful film.  Five tennants of an apartment house, over the Riley Cafe is set for destruction, and alien life forms come to their rescue.

It’s not your typical alien movie, well maybe for the 80’s, where Hollywood tried to make aliens seem like our friends.  But it is a blend of comic relief and still tells a heartwarming and enchanting tale.

The famous stage and screen couple, Hune Cronyn and Jessica Tanday star as husband and wife, Faye and Frank Riley.  Married in real life over 52 years, these two make this movie.  They were a delight on screen.  A young Elizabeth Pena stars as a pregnant single women who falls for her neighbor, played by Dennis Boutsikaris.  Frank McRae plays the dim-witted repair man that befriends the mechanical aliens. Michael Carmine plays the tough guy who works for the company that wants the tennant home destroyed.

A beautiful yarn, and a great movie for the entire family A

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Posted by on September 10, 2007 in 1987, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi


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