Batman Begins ~ 2005

07 Sep

Christopher Nolan brought a real and true Batman story to the eyes and minds to viewers that had yet to have been seen. This story was briefly touched upon in the first Tim Burton Batman, however latter films in that series, especially when Joel Schumaker took over the reigns, the true story of Batman was left in the shadows.

This story tells us more than any other story has ever told about Bruce Wayne’s background and the reason he became who he is. It was done in a very intricate way, however did not take up too much screen time which it could have caused some sleepy eyes in the theater. Christian Bale is excellent as the millionaire Wayne, and even better as the winged super hero. Michale Caine as Alfred was an excellent addition. Morgan Freeman added to the cast was superb. The only casting that had me a bit befuddled was that of Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes, was, well lets say too Dawson Creek for me. She didn’t seem like she fit in the story at all. She was not connected with the rest of the cast, aloof and one sided. Cillian Murphy, however as the Scarecrow was absolutely incredible. By far my favorite role next to that of Liam Neesons’ Henri Ducard.

The cinematography and special effects were great, and in your face, however not over the top. This was a film one to wait for. Finally a batman movie that brings us closer to what the creator Bob Kane envisioned those many years ago when Batman came upon the comic scene. B+

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