Fav Films 1992

05 Aug

1992 fared a little better in the box office with the return of the Western, with Clint Eastwoods, Unforgiven and an influx of English films, like Howard’s End. However my favorites for 1992 were a little more American, and sappy…

10. Last of the Mochicans: I loved the book when I read it in High School, and even though the movie was not true to the book, I enjoyed it. Daniel Day Lweis was superb, and the story was moving.

9. My Cousin Vinny: Definitely my favorite Joe Pesci movie. Funny, romantic and funny. Marisa Tomei came into her own, won that Academy Award for best supporting actress then almost disappeared, the Oscar Curse, but she was outstanding in this film.
8. Lorenzo’s Oil: Susan Sarandon, Nick Nolte. Susan a sensational actress, Nolte, a not so sensational actor, but this film was sensational. It hit all the right notes, and hearts. Probably Nolte’s best film role of his career.

7. Radio Flyer: Little Elijah Wood, one of the first of my favorites that he starred in, during 1992. This movie was touching and wonderfully fimed and acted. Makes you really miss your childhood, and your radio flyer.
6. Cutting Edge: I never heard of D.B. Sweeny until I saw this film in 1998, yes I saw it on video first. I have watched it over and over since then. Not a great Oscar movie, but then when do they have to be, to be one of my favorites. I just really like this film and the antagonisim between the skaters, plus I like Ice Skating.
5. Forever Young: The second Elijah Wood favorite of 1992, but the star here is Mel Gibson. A man frozen in time that re-appears 50 years later to find what he missed. I actually cried the first time I saw this film. I know, sappy, but hey it touched me.

4. A River Runs Through It: Brad Pitt was at his best in this film. Tom Skerrit was even better. The story of two brothers that were so differant, yet so much alike. Almost like Brad’s other film, I enjoyed, Legends of the Fall.

3. Malcom X: I’ve said it before, and I will continue to say it, Denzel Washington is one of the greatest talents of our generation, and this film shows just how talented. He became Malcom X, it was really difficult to distinguish the differance. This should have won him an Oscar. One of the best bio pics ever to be filmed.
2. A League of Their Own: Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell and a slew of other actresses, this movei was funny, touching and moving. Madonna was at her best, and this is truly her best role on film, Rosie was incredible, and Geena and Tom? They were Geena and Tom, perfect. They were a class of their own in this film.
1. Bram Stroker’s Dracula: I recently watched this again, for the 25th time or so, and again I was enthralled in this story and this film. Well except for Keanu Reeves (the worst acting I’ve ever seen, and worst dye job too.) but other than that this movie had it all. Even Winona Ryder was really good. But Gary Oldham and Sir Anthony Hopkins stole the show. One of my favorite vampire movies, but then I love all the vampire movies.

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One response to “Fav Films 1992

  1. Edward Copeland

    August 17, 2007 at 2:17 pm

    My top 10 for 1992:

    1) The Crying Game
    2) The Player
    3) Raise the Red Lantern
    4) Howards End
    5) Reservoir Dogs
    6) Unforgiven
    7) Hard-Boiled
    8) A Midnight Clear
    9) Proof
    10) American Me


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