As Good As It Gets ~ 1997

29 Jul

In the year of the movie Titanic, which won every award known to the film industry, As Good As It Gets walked away with the Best Actor Oscar for Jack Nicholson and Best Actress Oscar for Helen Hunt.
A great romantic film, that not only warmed the heart, but filled it with laughter and even a little bit of hate for Nicholson character. Jack Nicholson is pitch-perfect as the obsessive-compulsive curmudgeon Melvin Udall, who possesses some of the strangest and most curious tendencies ever concocted by screenwriters and placed on film; his Udall is so human, so heartfelt, so genuine, and so whimsical and Nicholson perfects him to such a degree that not a moment of his screen time is unwanted or uninteresting. Jack is as always at the top of his game, superb. Helen Hunt as the unfortunate single mother/waitress Carol Connelly, is just as human and genuine as Melvin. Greg Kinner, who landed and Oscar nomination for his role as the unfortunate, Simon Bishop was also real and heartfelt. The relationships these three individuals forge makes you realize that despite our differences, we are all very much alike. A great film, perfectly cast and directed. A-

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Posted by on July 29, 2007 in 1997, Comedy, Romance


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