Fav Actresses of 1990

27 Jul

I really think actresses have a harder time in Hollywood than do the men. First there is that age thing, and then the roles are never a juicy, well until recently. But in 1990 there were some great performances given by the ladies of Hollywood. These are my top 10 favorite performances by a female…

#10) Madonna in DICK TRACY: Although Madonna provides a pretty good Marilyn Monroe imitation her performance as Breathless Mahoney, alas, was not well received by some critics, which was unfair as she is fine in this film, indeed, smashing as the sexy temptress who sings Sooner or Later (I Always Get My Man).

#9) Elizabeth Perkins in AVALON: AVALON is based loosely on Barry Levinson’s own family and their real experiences emigrating to Baltimore in the early 20th century from Eastern Europe. Perkins got rave reviews for her role in this touching, poignant film.

#8) Ricki Lake in CRY BABY: I can’t help it I LOVE THIS movie and I love Ricki Lake in this movie. Even though her performance in Hairspray was much better, she shine in this John Waters film as well.

#7) Talia Shire in GODFATHER III: Connie Corleone, Talia Shire, those two names are synonymous. I think was her best portrayal of this character. She had grown, and matured, yet was as manipulative as her brother. Powerful performance.

#6) Shirley MacLaine in POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE: Debbie Reynolds, Shirley MacLaine…that was who she was supposed to be portraying in this film by Carrie Fisher. She even got Debbie’s ok before she accepted the role. She was overlooked at the Oscar’s that year, but she should have been in the running as she was as always, spectacular.

#5) Julia Roberts in PRETTY WOMAN: Her first really big role, and her first really big win. Nominated for an Academy Award as a prostitute. yes, the Academy does that a lot, but Julia was very good in this film, just the beginning of what was to come.

#4) Glenn Close in REVERSAL OF FORTUNE: Even though she was dead for most of the film, Glenn Close gave an outstanding performance of the real life Sunny Von Bulow.

#3) Anjelica Hueston in THE GRIFTERS & WITCHES: Grifters she was a real Witch, but in Witches she really was a witch! These films show the talent that is Anjelica Hueston. Versatile and stunning all at once. Evil and comedic. She is a true actress.

#2) Kathy Bates in MISERY: Outstanding performance, Kathy Bates as a tormented soul, and passionate about her plan. She rules this movie, she WAS this movie.

#1) Whoopi Goldberg in GHOST: Whoopi brought the light into this dark tale of a love lost. Her role as the “psychic” that Patrick Swayze’s Ghost talks through is awesome. Even though there was controversy when this film came out about Patrick merging into Whoopi’s body. Can you believe that?


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