American Pie Collection ~ 1999 ~ 2001 ~ 2003 ~ 2005

25 Jul

American Pie ~ Funny, actually hilarious. Great comedy if you can handle the sex talk and disgusting antics of these high school seniors trying to get laid before they graduate High School. Sean William Scott and Eugene Levy are great in this film. Jennifer Coolidge is my favorite as well and Eddie Kaye Thomas’ Paul Finch. Of course, Alyson Hannigan is by far one of the most under-rated actresses of our time on film or TV. B-

American Pie 2 ~ Dumb. I didn’t care for the second installment of this now teen comedy classic collection of films. Again Eugene Levy is stellar. Sean William Scott as Stifler is really getting old, quick! But the connection between Hannigan and Jason Bigg’s characters was much better in this than the first one. Not quite a funny, but good. C

American Wedding, Pie 3 ~ A little more preachy, and a lot more of Stifler. Enough already. But finally in the end you think he has changed. Good storyline, but a little sappy for this kind of comedy. But the bachelor party is just one of the best scenes in the entire film. The pubic hair in the wedding cake…gross. C-

American Pie Band Camp ~ Stifler’s little brother? PLEASE, stop this insanity. Why is this film in my DVD library??? D-
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