American Outlaw ~ 2001

24 Jul

Colin Farrell in a western? As Jesse James no less? No, sorry

Scott Caan in a western? Need I answer that?

Kathy Bates in a western? That could be do-able, but unfortunately not in this film.

Ali Larter from Varsity Blues fame, and now on TV’s Heroes also star. She is more of a cowboy than Farrell and Caan.

A fictional story of how Jesse James began his fate as an outlaw, American Outlaw’s script was so poor, it made the actors look like amatuers, and we know Farrell and Bates or much more than that. Even Larter is a fine actress, but this film did nothing for showing off their potential or even their abilities. Even Kathy Bates’ role was lackluster, and she NEVER does anything lackluster. The real crime was charging people to the theater to see this film. D-
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Posted by on July 24, 2007 in 2001, Western


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