Favorite Films of 1990

22 Jul

In the 1990’s films began to take on a whole new meaning for me. As an adult I looked at films differently and in the 90’s my study of films and the cinema really took off. I began my own library of films on VHS and began to watch the old movies I had heard so much about.

In the 1990’s some great films were released and new artists began to emerge onto the big screen. There are so many great films that were made in the 1990’s I was unable to list my top ten of the decade, so instead I have decided to list my top ten for each year. So to start of my new “List of Favorites” here are my top ten favorite films of the year, 1990:

#10) REVERSAL OF FORTUNE: The story behind the true life story of Sunny and Claus Von Bulow and her ultimate death. Although the movie was never clear on whether Claus was in fact guilty or not, the movie was actually more enjoyable because of its ambiguity. Jeremy Irons won the Oscar that year for Best Actor and rightfully so. A dark, cold look into the reversal of the Von Bulow fortune.

#9) LONGTIME COMPANION: with Bruce Davison, Campbell Scott, Patrick Cassidy, and Mary-Louise Parker. The first wide-release theatrical film to deal with the subject of AIDS, the film takes its title from the words The New York Times and other newspapers used to describe the surviving same-sex partner of someone who had died of AIDS. Longtime Companion garnered a number of awards and honors, many for the performance of Bruce Davison. Davison remains one of only a few people to receive an Academy Award nomination for playing an openly gay character. In addition to his Oscar nomination, Davison won a Golden Globe award, an Independent Spirit Award, a National Society of Film Critics award, and a New York Film Critics Circle award for Best Supporting Actor.

#8) LORD OF THE FLIES: Adapted from William Golding’s novel of the same name, this is the story of a group of military school boys who become stranded on an island. They are, however, not alone. To begin with their commander is dragged from the water by Ralph. It is after the commander becomes feverish and delusional that he runs away and the boys develop their own society, with frightening and powerful consequences. Starring Balthazar Getty in his first motion picture, this film brought one of my favorite books to reality.

#7) MISERY: One of my favorite Stephen King novels that was brought to film. Kathy Bates, one of the best actresses of our time was fabulous in this role, and won the Oscar for it. James Caan, also gave a powerful performance in this one of a kind Thriller, that only Stephen King could write.

#6) JOE VS. THE VOLCANO: I know, this is one of the last films you would see on a favorite or best of list, but I LOVED this film. Tom Hanks as a disgruntled society pawn and a over the top hypochondriac, finds out he has a brain “cloud” and then is persuaded by a rich businessman to jump into a volcano on a Pacific island in order to satisfy the inhabitants. On his trip to the island, Joe meets Meg Ryan playing three different characters. Fun film, Meg Ryan was awesome.

#5) GRIFTERS: The Grifters tells the story of Lilly Dillon, a long-time female con artist who begins to rethink her life when her son Roy, also a grifter, suffers an almost-fatal injury due to a failed scam. With an all star cast of Anjelica Hueston, John Cusack and Annette Bening, this film is one of the best of the decade, and will become an all time classic.

#4) GHOST: What has become one of the greatest love story’s put to film, this 1990 film was beautifully filmed and scored. Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Academy Award winning role by Whoopi Goldberg, this is already a classic.

#3) PRETTY WOMAN: This film put Julia Roberts over the top, and she soon became one of the most sought after, and highly acclaimed actress of the 90’s. Taken from the street as a hooker, Robert’s takes a job from Richard Gere, and suddenly magic happens, or does it? Roberts is superb in this film as is Gere. Another great love story that has become a classic.

#2) DANCES WITH WOLVES: Kevin Costner’s epic story of a soldier sent into the west to protect the frontier from Indian attacks and becomes a friend of the tribe, and falls in love with one of the “so called savages” This film was immense, and great. Not just in the acting, but the cinematography, the writing, it was the winner of Best Picture of 1990.

#1) GODFATHER III : Not the best of the Godfather Trilogy, but my favorite of 1990. Al Pacino in his greatest role ever. Two of the best performances in this third installment of the Corlene family was that of Diane Keaton and Talia Shire.

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