Alexander ~ 2004

14 Jul

A bio-epic film is either very good, or very poor. That was until I saw Alexander, with Colin Farrell in the lead as the greatest leader of all time Alexander. Farrell’s performance was very intense, as all of Farrell’s performances seem to be, but this one was extremely well done. Other than the bad dye job with his hair, he portrayed the psychological side of Alexander the Great in true realism. This is what this film wanted to portray, the psychological side of this great man, what made him tick.

Angelina Jolie, who played Alexander’s mother, Olympias (she and Farrell are really almost the same age) was able to pull off this role with the audacity that is Jolie. She commands every scene that she is in and rightfully so. However, Val Kilmer, who played Alexander’s father, Philip was less than lackluster. He gave a very strained dry performance. The great Anthony Hokins as Ptolemy and the film’s narrator is superb as always.

The cinematography was superb, some of the finest I had seen. It pulled you into the film, and gave you that aura that you were looking deep into the mind of this man known to be great, yet somewhat mad.

Overall this was a good film, not one of the great bio epics, but one of the better. B+
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Posted by on July 14, 2007 in 2004, Biography, Drama


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