Adaptation ~ 2002

11 Jul

Spike Jonze, one of the most intriguing directors of our generation and combine that with the incredible screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, add in Meryl Streep, who is always incredible and you should have a great movie to say the least. Unfortunately they put Nicholas Cage as the lead actor not only playing Charlie Kaufman, but his twin brother as well. Big Mistake! As most reader will soon find out, I personally am not a fan of Cage. And this movie is another reason why I am not. He seems to always be Charlie Bodell from Peggy Sue Got Married. He never ventures far from that role.

Apart from Cage, this movie is quite interesting and somewhat unusual. Chris Cooper gives a remarkable and deserving Oscar worthy performance as the Orchid hunting John LaRouche. Meryl Streep is flawless of her portrayal of the writer, Susan Orlean. The plot is intertwined with both Kaufman’s goal to write the screenplay for Orlean’s book, Orlean’s obsession with LaRouche, and Kaufman’s twin brother who himself is trying to write a book based on serial killers. You really have to keep up with the storylines, and not miss a minute of the film to better understand what is happening.

This film gets 10 stars for being unique, but it falls short in other areas, as one reviewer put it very well, “It’s difference and it’s inventiveness were such that I wanted to keep watching. ” but it wasn’t enough for me to say it was a great film. B
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Posted by on July 11, 2007 in 2002, Drama


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