Abandon ~ 2002

11 Jul

Abandon was marketed as a non-stop psychological thriller but to be honest the thrills are few and far between. Abandon is more a character study with the atmosphere of a thriller. A poor script did little to enhance the good performances of it’s stars. If Tom Cruise saw his wife-to-be in this film, it’s no wonder he wants her to stop acting. Katie Holmes‘ portrayal of the deeply troubled young Katie Burke was lackluster to say the least. But again it may have been do to the poor script.

Charlie Hunnam‘s character portrayal of Embry Langan is quite good even if you don’t know that he is really dead, or is he? The entire time they were trying to figure out if Embry just left town or if he was dead I really could care less. Benjamin Bratt is stuck in a thankless supporting role that isn’t much of a challenge for the actor. This is essentially the same part he played on Law & Order and in Miss Congeniality.

Personally I was quite disappointed in this film, but maybe a second, third or fourth viewing may give me a different perspective. D+
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Posted by on July 11, 2007 in 2002, Thriller


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