A Home at the End of the World ~ 2004

10 Jul

Michael Cunningham‘s 1990 novel was an in depth look at the relationship and enduring love of two young men brought together by circumstances and life events that helped shape who they were. The 2004 film adaption of A Home at the End of the World stayed true to the book thanks to Michael Cunningham’s own screenplay adaptation of his novel.

The acting of both Eric Smith and Colin Farell as the confused, emotional and enigmatic Bobby Morrow in 1974 and 1982 was outstanding. It was very believable that the character of Bobby Morrow in 1974 grew up to become Bobby Morrow in 1982. Both of these actors portrayed the role just as you would have imagined Bobby Morrow being from the book. Unfortunately Dallas Roberts portrayal of the older Jonathon Glover was not as believable as Harris Allen who played the 1974 version of the character. Sissy Spacek was, as always incredible as Jonathon Glover’s mother, who you felt fell in love with her “adopted son” Bobby. Robin Wright Penn also gave an incredible performance as the colorful but insightful Clare.

The movie, not widely accepted was not a film about homosexuality or AIDS, but more of relationships and the overwhelming power of love and family. Both the cinematography and score brought this out. One of the great aspects of the film was the open ended ending. B+

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