A Guy Thing ~ 2003

09 Jul

Boy & Girl are ready to marry, but before they do boy needs to sow his last wild oats. When he awakes the next morning he realizes he must have cheated on his fiance. Boy meets Girl’s cousin and meets his supposed one night stand. Yes, the girl he thinks he slept with is his fiance’s cousin. So A Guy Thing begins.

A perfect storyline, with a superb actress like Julia Stiles and you have a perfect movie, right? Wrong. Unfortunately Selma Blair who plays the fiancee Karen Cooper, is the same performance in all her previous performances. Jason Lee who plays Paul, the guy, gives a painful lesson in how to over act. Luckily he went on to star in a well accepted TV Show, My Name is Earl.

The plot is predictable and the movie starts off a little slow, and never seems to speed up and except for the performance of Julia Stiles this film goes no where with the laughs or in the box office. D
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Posted by on July 9, 2007 in 2003, Comedy, Romance


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