#5 Favorite Actor of the 60’s ~ Robert Redford

08 Jul

Over the years, Robert Redford has secured himself in Hollywood as an actor, director, producer, and philanthropist. His Sundance Film Festival has grown from a small group of filmakers, introducing the smaller markets and films to an annual event that gives the first look to possible Oscar contenders for the upcoming year.
His work as a director/producer has been hailed by Hollywood stars and critics as some of the best work out there.
But in the 1960’s Robert Redford was just coming onto the Hollywood radar after success on Broadway. Redford made his screen debut in War Hunt (1962), co-starring with Tom Skerritt and Sydney Pollack in an anti-war film set during the Korean conflict. After his Broadway success, he was cast in larger feature roles. He was a bisexual movie star who marries starlet Natalie Wood in Inside Daisy Clover (1965) and rejoined her for Pollack’s This Property Is Condemned (1966)—again as her lover. The same year saw his first teaming with Jane Fonda (Arthur Penn’s pallid The Chase, in which he was a fugitive on the run). Fonda and Redford were paired to better effect in the big screen version of Barefoot in the Park . But what created Redford as a bankable star was his role with Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

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