Artificial Intelligence: AI ~ 2001

08 Jul

Artificial Intelligence: A.I. is a 2001 science fiction film co-produced, written, and directed by the genius Steven Spielberg. It was the last project on which famed filmmaker Stanley Kubrick worked — he died before the film started shooting, and Spielberg dedicated the film to him. The film won five Saturn Awards, including Best Science Fiction Film. It was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Effects, Visual Effects and Best Music, Original Score.

Young actor, Haley Joel Osment, who was spectacular in Sixth Sense, played the robotic replacement, David for parents Monica & Henry Swinton (played by Frances O’Conner and Sam Robards). When their son dies Henry purchases a robotic replacement. But over time the mother and “son” become to attached that the father decides to return him to the factory where he is built. His mother unable to return him leaves him along side the road and his journey begins to find his mother.

The story is somewhat reminiscent of Pinocchio, where the fake boy desires to be a “real” little boy. Along his journey he meets some colorful characters. Jude Law is superb as Gigolo Joe, the robotic male prostitute. William Hurt is both passionate and menacing as Professor Hobby, the creative mind behind the young David, whom he fashioned after his own dead son.

As for the ending, it was quite downbeat and would have been much more enjoyable if things would have turned out a bit different. But then that showed what Stanley Kubrick was all about. B+

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Posted by on July 8, 2007 in 2001, Sci-Fi


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