54 ~ 1998

06 Jul

Mike Myers was brillant in this film, playing the owner of the infmaous Studio 54 of the 1970’s, Steve Rubell. 54 told the story of the club through the eyes of one it’s male employees, Shane O’Shea (Ryan Phillipe). Unfortunately the film was not as brillant.

Ryan who had previous success in the film Cruel Intentions, was somewhat flat in this role as the bartender turned “shirtless dancer”, who fell from grace. His buddy Greg Randazzo, played by Breckin Meyer was much more believable and had more depth. Teen Scream star Neve Campbell played Shane’s naive and vulnerable girlfriend, whom you begin to wonder why her character was even in this film. Was it to make it more real? If so she failed miserably.
This film was all Mike Meyers. His portrayal of Steve Rubell was no less than perfect and should have been nominated for an Academy Award. He and the beautiful Selma Hayek carried this film both in the storyline and plot as well as in the acting. D
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Posted by on July 6, 2007 in 1998, Drama


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