13 Going on 30 ~ 2004

02 Jul

This film took me back to the 1980’s when there were a slew of movies about kids becoming an adult, like BIG, with Tom Hanks; or 18 Again with George Burns and Charlie Schlatter, and Vice Versa with Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage. 13 Going on 30, was more like Big, as it dealt with issues facing adults and the consequences of our actions in a real dramatic fashion. It was almost believable.

Jennifer Garner, fresh from her success as a TV star in Alias and her 2003 bomb, Daredevil, hits the mark on this cute fresh comedy as the supposedly 13 year old in a 30 year old’s body. Her whole body gives you that naivete of a 13 year old trapped in a 30 year old’s body. Especially the scene in the elevator when she shares with the young girl that she has boobs.

Mark Ruffalo brings home a winning performance as Jenna’s childhood friend and neighbor, Matt Flamhaff all grown up. You know that he cares for this girl immensely but you can also see the hurt that she caused him 18 years earlier. As always, Judy Greer gives an outstanding performance of Jenna’s teen nemesis grown up into her best friend that ultimately back stabs her to move her own career.

An entertaining film, with entertaining characters and performances. C+
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