#10 Favorite Actor of the 1960′s ~ John Wayne

19 Jun

The Duke. John Wayne was a legend in my home. From a very early age my father and I watched john Wayne movies all the time. Just recently for Christmas I purchased a box set of John Wayne’s early movies for my father.
John Wayne in the 1960’s was larger than life to me. He was the All American hero, cowboy and gentleman that all young boys wanted to grow up and be like. He had been a star in Hollywood for already 4 decades by the time the 60’s came along, and now he was being introduced to a whole new crop of fans. The sixties brought some of his most famous roles ever, such as; The Alamo as Davy Crockett; Tom Doniphon in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, William Tecumseh Sherman in How the West Was Won, Mclintcok; and who can forget Marshall Reuben J. ‘Rooster’ Cogburn, in his Academy Award winning role in True Grit.
The Duke continued to make films until his death in 1976, and continues to reign as the All American hero long after his death.

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