13 Jun

A little bit of facts, quite a bit of innuendo and a load of fiction. Set in Hollywood of the 50’s, and acted superbly by the likes of Ben Affleck, Diane Lane and Bob Hopkins, HOLLYWOODLAND actually was not as good as I had hoped. Yes, Ben Affleck was good in this, really good. He gave a performance that certainly was award worthy. Diane Lane was also stunning and riveting as George Reeve’s older and somewhat psychotic lover. Bob Hoskins, as always gave a very believable and powerful performance. Adrian Brody was lackluster as the detective wanting to find out the truth about Superman’s untimely and mysterious end, but maybe that was because his character was a fictional one.

The first time big movie directing gig for TV’s Allen Coulter, this film was set perfectly. The allure of Hollywood was captured by the outstanding cinematography. The bad thing about this film was that it involved too much of the back story of the fictional detective, played by Brody and not enough of the Hollywood story. The mystery surrounding George Reeve’s death could have had much more of an impact if it had not kept getting interrupted by the fictional plot of a detective down on his luck and life. Overall with the good and the bad, this was a good film. Certainly not one of the best, but again, it certainly was far from the worst. I enjoyed it and it brought back George Reeves for me, for just a while. C
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Posted by on June 13, 2007 in Reviews


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