Fav Actors of the 1950’s ~ Cary Grant ~ #6

02 Apr

Classic, charming, debonair, the perfect gentleman, and superb. These are the words that can only describe one legend in Hollywood and that would have to be Cary Grant. Already a star when the 1950’s began, Grant continued to be a huge box office draw in the 50’s, with roles such as; Monkey Business, To Catch a Thief, An Affair to Remember, and his now infamous role in one of the greatest Hitchcock films ever, North by Northwest.

One of the unknown little stories of Grant was that from 1933 onwards, he occasionally shared a house with Randolph Scott. There were many rumors about their relationship. Scott often referred to himself, jokingly, as Grant’s wife. Many studio heads threatened not to employ them unless they lived separately. Grant was married five times, Betty Drake, and Dyan Cannon, being two of his wives. His only child, Jennifer Grant with his fourth wife Dyan Cannon plays on CSI: Las Vegas as Sedona Wylie.

Ian Fleming modeled the James Bond character partially with Grant in mind, however when offered the role in the film Dr. No, he turned it down, as he felt at 58 he was too old to play Bond. Cary Grant continued to be name in Hollywood and the stage even after the 50’s and into the 70’s and 80’s when he died in 1986 prior to performing in his one man show “An Evening With Cary Grant” at the Adler Theater in Davenport, Iowa, on November 28, 1986. Died later that night at St. Luke’s Hospital at 11:22 p.m.
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