Fav Films of the 50’s ~ The King & I ~ #6

01 Apr

Mrs. Anna Leonowens, a widow from Wales, arrives in Bangkok with her young son to teach English to the children of the royal household. The King eventually honors his promise of a suitable house. He also very much wishes to absorb western knowledge, but is sometimes conflicted over how to reconcile western ways with his own. His efforts to do this, unadmitted even by himself, are further hindered by his minister, who wishes to keep Western influence out of the court. And so the story goes…

Based on the book, Anna and the King of Siam by Margaret Landon, the King and I, was one of the best Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals to hit the stage and screen. Yul Brynner created the role on Broadway and then moved it to the big screen with the elegaence and grace of a true king, winning the Best Actor Oscar for his performance.

The songes of Rodgers and Hammerstein are unforgettable. Getting to Know You was my favorite. In 2006, this film ranked #11 on the American Film Institute‘s list of best musicals.

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