Fav Films of the 50’s ~ The Ten Commandments ~ #7

28 Mar

Dubbed as the Greatest Event in Motion Picture History, Cecil B. DeMille’s the Ten Commandments has probably been seen by more people that ever actually read the biblical story. Many of whom base what they know about Moses on the film, and Charlton Heston’s portrayl of the leader of the Exodus.
The Cinematography was spectacular in it’s day, and the parting of the Red Sea was the highlight for me as a kid when the movie would be shown on TV screens every year around the Easter/Passover season.
Nominated for 7 Academy Awards, it won only 1, for Best Effects. Produced at a then-staggering cost of $13 million, the film went on to become Paramount’s biggest-grossing movie to that time. For years it ranked second only to Gone with the Wind (1939) as the most successful film in Hollywood history.
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