The Black Dahlia

20 Mar

I finally saw a movie I so wanted to go see last year in theaters, The Black Dahlia. I am so glad I didn’t waste my money. I borrowed the DVD from my daughter and sat down to watch the story of one of the most horrific and mysterious murders in Hollywood.

Elizabeth Short, a young woman from New England, comes to Hollywood with stars in her eyes and dreams in her mind. However she is found dead, her body disected and her once beautiful face destroyed by a murders slice of a knife. The murder of Elizabth Short is still unsolved after 60 years.

The movie, which advertised itself, as the story of the Black Dahlia, the name coined to Elizabeth Short, was very diappointing. Not only did it not really tell anything regarding the Black Dahlia murder, but it didn’t tell any kind of story well. Based on the book of the same name by James Ellory, the Black Dahlia felt like they just threw the Elizabeth Short murder in as a side story. What was even more disappointing was the fact that the real story, the relationship between two cops and a young woman, played by Scarlet Johanssen and the effects of the Black Dahlia murder investigation had upon them, wasn’t even good.

Josh Hartnett, played a role that he was much too young to play and it showed. He looked uncomfortable through the entire movie. Aaron Ekhart, who played his partner, totally over-acted, and was annoying. Scarlett Johanssen, luckily added an air of believeability to the story, and Hillary Swank, who played the dark mysterious link to Elizabeth Short, was as always, flawless. But the work of Scarlett and Hilary could not pull this movie out of the hole it dug for itself.

If you want to watch a great movie based on one of the biggest, unsolved Hollywood murders, the Balck Dahlia is not it. C-
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