1 ~ The Wizard of Oz

15 Feb

No other film has been seen as many times, nor has no other film been replayed, recast and reviewed on the stage as many times. Judy Garland became Dorothy and in the minds of many she actually was Dorothy Gale. Even though this film upon it’s release did not fair as well as some of the other films released that year (such as Gone With the Wind) it has become the best known, best loved and most seen movie ever. Listed as # 6 100 GREATEST AMERICAN MOVIES OF ALL TIME, Wizard of Oz is a movie for the entire family for the ages.

I reacall as a child that every year this film would be seen on TV I think during the Easter Season, and I could not wait to watch it. However I would watch it on my grandmother’s Black and White TV and didn’t realize until 1968 or 1969 that almost the entire movie was in color. The first time I seen the color version when Dorothy opens the door into Munchkinland I was mezmorized.

Winner of three acaedmy awards including best song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, The Wizard of Oz is the top of my list for the best films of the 1930’s and rates at the top 5 of my favorite movies of all time.
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Posted by on February 15, 2007 in 10 Favorite Films of the 1930's, 30's, Classic


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