3 ~ Vivian Leigh ~ Gone With the Wind

12 Feb

No top actress list of the 1930’s and 40’s would be complete without Vivian Leigh. with only 19 roles credited her in IMDB, she was nominated twice for the Academy Award and won both times. A nationwide casting search for an actress to play the Southern belle Scarlett resulted in the hiring of young British actress Vivien Leigh, although over 30 other actresses (some well-known, and some amateurs) had been tested or considered including: Katharine Hepburn, Miriam Hopkins, Susan Hayward, Loretta Young, Paulette Goddard, Margaret Sullavan, Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer, Lana Turner, Joan Bennett, Mae West, Tallulah Bankhead, Jean Arthur, and Lucille Ball. Vivien at the time was in the states with her lover and soon to be husband Lawrence Olivier when she was asked to audition.

No other actress is as well known for a role than Viven Leigh as Scarlett. She stole the screen in every scene, she epitomised the term Southern Belle, even though she was born in India and raised in England. Vivien went on to play other pwerful roles, such as her other Oscar winning role as Blanch Dubouis in a Streetcar Named Desire, but she will eternally be remembered as Scarlett O’Hara.

One response to “3 ~ Vivian Leigh ~ Gone With the Wind

  1. Dan B (no, not Bennett, think harder)

    February 14, 2007 at 3:21 pm

    Speaking of Tallulah Bankhead, There is a popular new group on Yahoo called THE JUDY GARLAND EXPERIENCE.They just don’t feature Judy exclusively. This week in their rare audio files they are featuring a recording of Tallulah trying to make a record, and she can’t sing, I mean the girl really can’t sing!. Besides that, she is explicit, offensive, politically incorrect, and of course,wonderful. It’s only about 8 minutes long but you get the full force of Tallulah’s over the top personality. You should check it out.


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