4~ Katherine Hepburn ~ The Philadelphia Story

08 Feb

One of my favorite actresses is Katherine Hepburn. Her style, her forthrightness, her in your face attitude with an air of debonair, She was a classic. However in the late 1930’s Hepburn and other big name stars were duubed as poison in Hollywood, so Hepburn yearning for a comeback on the stage, shen returned to her roots on Broadway, appearing in The Philadelphia Story, a play written especially for her by Philip Barry, a year after Hepburn had starred in the film version of his play Holiday. She played spoiled socialite Tracy Lord to rave reviews. With the help of ex-lover Howard Hughes, she purchased the film rights to the play and sold the rights to MGM, which adapted the play into one of the biggest hits of 1939. As part of her deal with MGM, Hepburn got to choose the director — George Cukor — and her costars — Cary Grant and James Stewart. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her work opposite Grant and Stewart. She enhanced Stewart’s performance, and in turn he received an Oscar. Her career was revived almost overnight.

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