Worst 0f 2006 ~ Dukes of Hazzard~ #7

03 Feb

If I recall wasn’t Daisy Duke a brunette? Yeah she was. This movie was nothing like the TV show that starred hot John Schneider. It was much worse. All this movie was intended to be was something that Jessica Simpson could hooch around on the big screen and show us the real reason her and Nick Lachey divorced. Maybe, just maybe if they would have had someone besides Johnny Knoxville in the car with Sean William Scott, and a cute brunette to play Daisy it may have been a little better. And Willie Nelson as Uncle Jesse?? What were they thinking? Michael Weston should have been Luke Duke, and Johnny Knoxville play Enos. Or maybe Zach Braff as Enos. No wait, this movie would have been better if it had never been made. The only good role in the entire film was the General Lee (for those that don’t know that’s the Duke boys car.) D-

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Posted by on February 3, 2007 in Reviews, Worst of 2006


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