5 ~ Bette Davis ~ Jezebel

27 Jan

She is legend. She is Bette. She was the Golden Queen of the Golden Era of Hollywood. Jezebel was her 37th film role in only 6 short years since first debuting in 1931’s The Bad Sister. Bette took over the screen in any role she played. I love this role better than any other, as it was my first experience in seeing Bette Davis on film, other than her stint id Disney’s On Witch Mountain. I was mesmerized. Jezebel was made for Bette Davis. Bette Davis was made for Jezebel.

Jezebel was Davis’ 2nd and last Oscar win (she was nominated 11 times) Personally I feel this performance was her best until her 1950 role in All About Eve (which was also made for her, and had the Oscar nabbed) If you have never seen this Bette Davis classic, you must. It is classic Bette, powerful, resentful, brash and over the top. Pure Bette.

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