6 ~ Leslie Howard ~ Gone With the Wind

14 Jan

Who ever heard of a man named Ashley? Today, Ashley is more suited for females, but in 1939 the name Ashley was one of the top names in America for little boys born that year. Why? Because of Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind, played by Leslie Howard.

Howard had been around the theater and film for sometime, but this role would ultimately be the one everyone would remember. The patient, loving, compassionate Ashley. Always the gentleman, and Scarlett’s first love. Even though Clark Gable’s Rhett Butler had more screen time, and was the leading man, Leslie Howard’s Ashley Wilkes was the true hero of the film.

Leslie Howard played this role the way William Powell played his in the Thin Man, perfectly. Leslie would not even be granted an Oscar nomination for his Gone With the Wind role, even though every other role received one. Actually Leslie Howard was only nominated twice in his career, both for leading roles, and he never won.


One response to “6 ~ Leslie Howard ~ Gone With the Wind

  1. Ruthie Black naked

    January 31, 2007 at 8:16 pm

    Sweetie, any man named Leslie has a big disadvantage!

    People say I imitate SCARLETT O’HARA, since we’re both bitches. But I’m as genuine as she was, since we were from the same neck of the Georgia woods, and we both were stars of novels.

    I saw MARGARET MITCHELL meet her tragic death on the sidewalk outside the Fox theater in 1949. (The Egyptian style theater in Atlanta where the movie GONE WITH THE WIND had premiered). A taxi hit her as she was crossing the street, looking up at the theater’s marquee where her name was displayed prominently. I tried to warm her of the taxi, but she didn’t seem to hear me.


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