6 ~ Frankenstein – 1931

13 Jan

Is there anyone alive that has NOT seen this movie? Well I am sure there may be someone. This film has been re-told and re-tooled many times, but the 1931 classic starring the ultimate Hollywood Horror star, Boris Karloff is by far the best. In the same year when another horror classic was made (Dracula), Frankenstein ruled the box office. The film’s most famous scene is the one in which Frankenstein befriends a young girl named Maria at a lake’s edge, and mistakenly throws her into the water (and drowns her) along with other flowers.

Bela Lugosi, who starred as Dracula, was first cast as the “monster” but ultimately turned it down, and an unknown Karloff was cast. Karloff’s performance is remarkable, try acting in that get-up and still come across as somewhat human underneath the hideous face and stitched together body. I remember as a child seeing this on TV for the first time, and I actually felt sorry for the monster, wishing that they would just leave him alone.

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