8 ~ Captain’s Courageous (1937)

28 Dec

This is the first movie that I remember made me cry. I fell in love with Spencer Tracy, the sea-wary fisherman, with a heart of gold.
When a young rich kid is accidentally thrown overboard a luxury liner and is found by a fishing boat a relationship ensues that changes both the young boy and Tracy’s character, Manuel Fidello.
Tracy had that look and appeal to carry off being rough around the edges but pure of heart, better than any actor that has ever graced the big screen. He was the guy that you wanted as a father or a close uncle. And he showed it in this film more than any other. His Oscar winning performance has endured over 7 decades.
Young Freddie Bartholomew was the first child star to be given top billing in a movie, and rightfully so. As the spoiled little rich kid that wakes up to reality in a fishing boat, he was unforgettable. This movie is one that every young man should see sometime in their life. Nominated for Best Picture, Captain’s Courageous lost out but in Movie history it stands out as one of the best.
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Posted by on December 28, 2006 in 10 Favorite Films of the 1930's, 30's, Classic


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